Our Office at Home – The Perfect Hideaway Office and Desk For Me!


At Dunham Fitted Furniture, requests to create an office at home have increased.  Whether running a business from your home or simply to house the burgeoning family paperwork, provide a work station for the children to complete homework at the PC or laptop, or a student desk, the need for an organised, dedicated space seems to be on the rise.

Hideaway Home Office in Cupboard

This photo was taken before the bookcasing was built in on the right – see photo below.


Working from home remains a popular choice for many.  For the self employed, like ourselves,  it is often a given that it is almost impossible not to take work home, if not work full-time from home.   For others, working from home comes with the advantages saving on rising travel costs, flexibility around childcare or just to be able to work in a peaceful, relaxing environment.

The Guardian recently posted 5 golden rules for working from home, mainly I think, sensible advice:

  • Make a sacred space – a pleasant sanctuary away from distractions, in effect, an office at home.
  • Go on a digital diet – I read this as “Put Facebook/Spider Solitaire down”!
  • Schedule your day (just one coffee with friends then…)
  • Arrange some human contact  (Oh great! One more coffee with friends!)
  • Use the flexibility – flexibility of how and when you work is a gift to you and your employer .


Fitted Bookcase

Ta Da! With bookcasing. The hideaway home office is tucked away discretely behind the tall doors on the left.  Internal photo is below.

It can be tricky to find a dedicated space for your office at home,  and not everyone may have or want to use what may be an reception room or spare bedroom.   We decided to put ours, not hidden away in the attic but in the heart of our home, a central hub for all comings and goings at centain times of the day, but peaceful, relaxing and rather crucially warm, during most of the day.  It is also situated where it can also be cunningly (well not that cunningly!) disguised as an elegant alcove cupboard.  Ahh the element of surprise when the doors are folded back!


Despite being tremendously busy,  Peter, my resident cabinet maker,  part-time boss and generally lovely husband,  found some time a little while ago to make and fit our hideaway home office.  Situated in an alcove next to the fireplace (yummy wood burner for chilly days with no guilt about heating the whole house),  it is hidden behind folding cupboard doors.  This not only allows a streamline uncluttered space but means that all references are out of sight out of mind when I’m not working.  No glowing, beckoning desktop or correspondence calling me away from family life.

Inside our hideaway home office and desk

Admittedly not always this tidy in our hideaway home office!

Happily Peter has made specifically the office for me with a desk at a height to suit those not quite as long in the leg as they would have quite liked.  It houses my world of work, general home diary and finance, as well as random clobber I like to surround myself with, and all those things Peter doesn’t!!

It’s a dedicated space to house all the IT ‘stuff’ required for life in 21st Century, including the bulky printer (no more banging my knees!) and printer paper of many sorts.  A slide out extension for keyboards or laptops creates extra space and a charging station to charge the aforementioned items  as well as phones, cameras, the stuff of 21st century life.   Shelves hold reference books and magazines as well as the heaps of paperwork that despite all the technology I am totally unable to part with (call me old school!).  There is also little drawers for those strange bits and bobs that find there way into the house, stationery, stamps, business cards, and an endless supply of pens which then go onto wander throughout the house, wherever I go (- I know my weaknesses!).

Being a girl (well give or take a year or too!)  that likes a view, I confess that I was skeptical about sitting for long periods of time without window to gaze out of and generally daydream.  However I was so wrong to be a Doubting Thomas.  My hideaway work station helps me find my zone, my focus, and stick with it.  I confess I have pinned some favourite things around it, a couple of photos of friends and family that always make me smile, a treasured memory of a fab holiday in the shape of small folded map of ski pistes, a collection of bizarrely shaped paper clips including dogs, bicycles, hearts, (which if you’re incredibly lucky, you could receive attached to a quotation!).  I also have my very favourite (and much hinted about birthday present) pigeon lamp by Thorsten Van Elten http://www.thorstenvanelten.com/, which omits a soft, gentle relaxing light.

It’s a  great opportunity to personalise a little space and make it entirely your world.  I am, admittedly a little territorial about my workspace and may be known to hover over interlopers in a not all together attractive fashion!!

I hope that you’ve maybe picked up a little inspiration, or some design ideas for your home office or workstation, be it a simple desk or something more complex.  If you would like to make an enquiry about Dunham Fitted Furniture creating something similar for you, then please don’t hesitate to contact us on info@dunhamfittedfurniture.co.uk, we’ll be happy to hear from you!


Britain Needs More Storage Cupboards! The Glory Hole Revolution

Following the first of it’s kind of report, it’s  now official, Britain needs and wants more storage cupboards!   “The Way we live now: What people need and expect from their homes”  is a new IPSOS MORI research report published today for the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)*  today.

The report identified eight key features that people need and want  in their homes today, including space for functional items,  and for special personal possessions that are kept for a lifetime and dedicated storage for  domestic items such as the dreaded ironing board or vacuum cleaner as well as space for recycling and rubbish.

New housing it seems is not always blessed with the “glory hole”!

Anecdotally, we all have experience or know someone who favours the “flooredrobe” (and  yes, I am thinking of you, Dunham Juniors!!)


Obviously not a Dunham Junior because they probably wouldn’t be smiling whilst picking up their clothes!

Or someone who  uses the vacuum cleaner to hang a clothes on as indicated on the BBC One Breakfast this morning, but the report goes on to highlight real examples of homeowners desperate for more storage, such as storing BOGOF food deals in the back of a car due to lack of kitchen storage in a newly built apartment.

The Glory Hole Revolution

The Glory Hole Revolution

 Peter Dunham of Dunham Fitted Furniture  has 20 years of experience of listening to what people want, drawing up plans, and making every kind of cupboard, wardrobe, shelving unit, bootroom and cloakrooms, welly holders…..   Each item is handmade and therefore can be made specifically to fit those items you don’t know what to do with, or those favourite possessions you want to display.  With a creative eye on good design that will complement the period of your home and a eye on best use of space, you’ll be amazed at the space that can be found, for instance under the stairs, where Peter has built both home offices and housing for tumble dryers, or in bay windows by building in storage for toys, magazines, cleaning materials, camping gear  underneath one of Peter’s beautiful window seats.

Have a glorious cupboard, rather than a glory hole – your home is made to be enjoyed and to relax in, let’s make it that way.

Mrs D.





Gosforth Kitchen Featured on TV with “Clever Storage Solutions”!


Not one for being overly impressed by celebrity culture,  I was shamefully over excited when one of our kitchens was recently featured on the Home channel, on a programme called “What the Neighbours Did”.    The programme involves folk who are keen to renovate and rejuvenate their homes, visiting their neighbours desirable homes with a view to being inspired about the use of space and design.  


The kitchen in question was made for a lovely family in Gosforth.  Interestingly, not only did they love the kitchen, but also much was made of a large shoe specifically we made storage cupboard for housing the teenager’s shoes that seem to accumulate (certainly in our house!).


I sadly don’t have a full link to the programme but I think we are in the second programme mentioned here LoveHome.co.uk!   Ha! Featured on TV with “Clever storage solutions”!! That’s us!!

As ones who are terribly British at shouting our own trumpets, this was terribly delightful if see!




gosforth_kitchen_integrated_fridge             Kitchen_gosforth_on_Tv           chunky_handmade_kitchen_table



Mrs D.