I confess, I, Mrs D, am a closet blogger.  Or to make a terrible carpentry related joke, a cabinet maker’s blogger….I know, Basil Brush would be proud!  Maybe I’ve been married to a cabinet maker for too long when I start making jokes like that.  I’ve also started looking at the woodwork in the interiors of buildings – is that profession or age related? Maybe both!   I’ll stop it now.

Sorry I’ll start again.   Welcome to our Blog.  The purpose of Dunham Fitted Furniture’s Blog is to keep you up to date with our interior projects,   design trends and history, together with a little sprinkling of what is afoot in our world. A similar  thread can be found on our Facebook Page at Dunham Fitted Furniture

At Dunham Fitted Furniture, our aim to provide good quality,  handmade furniture, with a traditional attention to detail and service.  All at a reasonable price.  For us, it’s quite simple.  It’s what we look for when we buy goods and so it’s entirely natural to us to want and expect to do so when providing a service to you.

Hope you enjoy it!

Closet Blogger

Mrs D,



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