Featured in Ideal Home Magazine!

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From our tiny hideaway in Northumberland, the “Nationals” are finding us!  Following on from having one of our handmade, bespoke kitchens featured on The Home Channel, being referenced recently in Real Home magazines for our work, we were thrilled to have a 4 page article in The Ideal Home magazine (ref and link below)in March (I have tried to be grown up about this, not blown our own trumpet and bore friends and neighbours, but a little secret, slightly over excited ‘tra la la’  may have slipped out!)

The article in Ideal Home, features a kitchen that we designed and built (you realise I use ‘we’ loosely here!) for Michelle and Jamie, great clients, who have a stunning home set in a very beautiful location outside Corbridge, Northumberland.

The Plan

The existing kitchen was small and didn’t work for family life, in dialogue with Peter, the couple knocked through two living rooms, one for the kitchen and one for an open living space.  Having thoroughly researched  brochures and magazines for ideas, Michelle and Jamie knew that they wanted a traditional style painted kitchen with a modern twist that would be sympathetic to the period and overall feel of the house.

“Smart Choice”

Like it! The article states how by going for a painted kitchen, the room has both longevity and flexibility as it can be repainted (easily!) when the client’s fancy a change.

“The Hub of the House…Light and Spacious”

A high proportion of our work at Dunham Fitted Furniture comes via recommendation from previous clients, and this was no exception, as a friend recommended our work to Michelle and Jamie.  In conversation with Peter Dunham (Mr D to me!),  the design was drawn up and made good use of the existing pieces of furniture that the couple wanted to incorporate into the kitchen.  The design is classically Peter! Almost Shaker in it’s simple straightforward style, with clean lines, great use of space and light , and a cool, calming colour palette.  From the article

‘So how has the new room worked for the family? “It’s now the hub of the house and is so light and spacious we hardly use our other rooms!” ‘

“Neat Solutions”

ideal home kitchen island unit

I’m pleased too, alongside the fitted kitchen cupboards and island unit, the article mentions other details that we don’t always highlight, such as the mantle surround Peter made for the old inglenook that now creates a “wonderful focal point” for the room, the handmade oak stools to go under the island unit designed specifically to complement the existing dining table.   It’s gratifying to know that items that are quite routine for us to make, make such a difference to client’s homes.

Recommedation and Our Pricing

In the Ideal Home Magazine, the article mentions that the couple were amazed at our prices for a bespoke kitchen, costing less than they thought.

Not the first time we’ve been told this, probably because firstly as part of our ethos, we like to think we are reasonable folk charging sensible prices .  Our work is all individual, bespoke design, hand crafted furniture, fitted with every bit of attention to detail that the making as required, we won’t pretend that it isn’t hard work.  It is. But we are of the honest wage for an honest days work school of thought.  As our daughter would say, that’s how we roll!

Secondly, much of work is by word of mouth, recommendation, return clients and folk just seeing and admiring our furniture in their friends and families’ homes.  This of course  means that we don’t really have need of an expensive showroom…that’s not to say that we won’t spend alot of time talking things through with you, looking at designs and photos but this is actually with Mr Dunham, designer and maker, rather than with a sales person. Start to finish you are talking to the same small team of people, you get a personal, focussed service  we you and your home at the centre of it, and we strive to keep our overheads as low as possible.

So yes, maybe our prices are pleasantly surprising!


We, whilst perhaps should take it all in our stride, are of course humble souls, pleasantly surprised to find ourselves featured in Ideal Home!



Credit: Ideal Home magazine, as featured in March 2015    website www.housetohome.co.uk/idealhomemagazine.



Britain Needs More Storage Cupboards! The Glory Hole Revolution

Following the first of it’s kind of report, it’s  now official, Britain needs and wants more storage cupboards!   “The Way we live now: What people need and expect from their homes”  is a new IPSOS MORI research report published today for the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)*  today.

The report identified eight key features that people need and want  in their homes today, including space for functional items,  and for special personal possessions that are kept for a lifetime and dedicated storage for  domestic items such as the dreaded ironing board or vacuum cleaner as well as space for recycling and rubbish.

New housing it seems is not always blessed with the “glory hole”!

Anecdotally, we all have experience or know someone who favours the “flooredrobe” (and  yes, I am thinking of you, Dunham Juniors!!)


Obviously not a Dunham Junior because they probably wouldn’t be smiling whilst picking up their clothes!

Or someone who  uses the vacuum cleaner to hang a clothes on as indicated on the BBC One Breakfast this morning, but the report goes on to highlight real examples of homeowners desperate for more storage, such as storing BOGOF food deals in the back of a car due to lack of kitchen storage in a newly built apartment.

The Glory Hole Revolution

The Glory Hole Revolution

 Peter Dunham of Dunham Fitted Furniture  has 20 years of experience of listening to what people want, drawing up plans, and making every kind of cupboard, wardrobe, shelving unit, bootroom and cloakrooms, welly holders…..   Each item is handmade and therefore can be made specifically to fit those items you don’t know what to do with, or those favourite possessions you want to display.  With a creative eye on good design that will complement the period of your home and a eye on best use of space, you’ll be amazed at the space that can be found, for instance under the stairs, where Peter has built both home offices and housing for tumble dryers, or in bay windows by building in storage for toys, magazines, cleaning materials, camping gear  underneath one of Peter’s beautiful window seats.

Have a glorious cupboard, rather than a glory hole – your home is made to be enjoyed and to relax in, let’s make it that way.

Mrs D.